Getting started 12 - Working with multiple instructors

Note: This functionality requires a Studio license

If you run a studio with other people or use contractors to help you out, then you need to define instructors in the settings to be able to assign them to a class or training later:

  • Go to the app's settings > Instructors
  • You can click on an existing instructor's name or click Add New to define a new instructor.
  • Edit/add the instructor in the dialogue that comes up and save it when done.
  • Go to settings > Working Days and enable the days and hours when they are available.

Now you are ready to schedule a class or training with them:

  • Tap anywhere in the calendar view to start creation of a new event
  • In the details panel, set the activity (and location if needed). The fourth field is the instructor field (the icon with the man) where you select the instructor.
  • Save the event
  • Now, to schedule an event in parallel to the one you just created, long-press the event until a dialogue comes up
  • Here, you click New Session, where you'd do the same as before - creating a new event - but now you'd select a different instructor
  • Save the event
  • In the calendar you will now see the two events next to each other.
  • At the top of the screen, where it says All Instructors, you can pick a single instructor to see their calendar.

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