Getting started 2 - Setting up activities

Bobclass events - which can be classes or appointments - revolve around activities. An activity defines what you are going to do in the class or appointment. Examples are: Yoga Beginners, Zumba, Personal Training, Guitar Level 1. Activities can be exposed later in the client web calendars and can be used for reporting. So even when you are just offering one thing (e.g. Personal Training), then it is still recommended to define it as an activity. Once activities are defined in the settings, they can be picked from lists when creating an event in the calendar. Here is how to define the activities:

  • Go to the app's settings > Activities
  • Tap one of the example activities or hit the + button to create an additional one
  • Enter/rename the activity
  • Set the other attributes:
    • Drop-in class: if enabled, the class details will show a Check In button, which lets you add clients to class quickly while they drop in.
    • Maximum clients: when this amount is reached or exceeded, then the online calendars will show a Waiting List button instead of Book button.
    • Public: enable this if you want it to appear on the client-facing web calendars

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