Getting started 1 - Creating a Bobclass Cloud account

So you have installed the app and are ready to roll. First things first: It is important to understand the basic mechanics of the system:

Bobclass runs the database on the local storage of your device. That is why it so fast and data is always available, even offline.

You could choose just to run it only locally but what happens when you lose/break your device? Or what if you want to collaborate with team members using the same data or sharing it with your clients? Exactly, that is why you should create a Bobclass Cloud account. This will upload your data to our cloud and will keep it in sync with your device(s) at all times. Even when you add/edit something on your device when you are offline, as soon as you go back online, the changes will be synchronized to Bobclass Cloud. Here is how to create your cloud account:

  • Go to the app's settings > Bobclass Cloud
  • Tap Create Bobclass Cloud Account
  • Enter your details and submit
  • You will receive an email that you need to click to confirm the account creation. If you do not find the email, check the spam folder. Also check whether you entered your email correctly.
  • Once you confirmed your account, you can log in. If you already have some calendar and client data, then it is important to do this from the device that contains the data, so not an empty one!
  • The app will now start uploading the data to the cloud. Do not interrupt it.
  • Once uploaded, you can log in from other devices that will then download the database.
  • From this point your device(s) and the cloud database will remain in sync. You should never log out anymore.


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