Getting started 10 - Receiving booking requests

Note: This functionality requires a Pro/Studio license

Client booking requests will arrive straight into the app in an inbox with system notifcations so you can see instantly when a client wants to book. All you have to do is click the Accept button. Here is how it works step-by-step:

  • Client navigates to your class roster or availability calendar on the web. Here some examples of class roster and availability calendar.
  • Client picks a class or a slot and submits the request online.
  • A few seconds later you will receive an iOS notification on your device. Click it to open Bobclass and view the inbox.
  • In the inbox you will see the booking request. A client can either be an existing client or a new one. In case of a new client, when you accept the request, it will add them to your client list.
  • Click the Accept button. The client is now automatically added to the class or slot.
  • Next it will also prepare the confirmation message to your client. Depending on the settings, device and whether the client has a phone number, this can be an email or SMS text message.

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