Getting started 8 - Finetuning the app's week calendar display

You can optimize the week calendar in the app to your needs using the following settings:

Granularity: this determines when appointments can start; for example if you set it to 30 minutes, when you tap in the calendar, it will "snap" to the top of bottom of the hour. If you want full flexibility, you should set this to 5 minutes.

Density: this determines how many hours you will see in the week calendar at once. The higher you set this, the smaller the calendar cells will become.

Default Duration: when you tap anywhere in the calendar to create a new event, it will use the default duration, e.g. 60 minutes.

Calendar cell items to display: the switches at the bottom of the settings determine what information is shown in the calendar cell for an appointment. You can reorder them by dragging the handles.

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