How to add photos and descriptions to classes, events and your company profile

An image is worth a thousand words - so goes the proverb. If you're offering classes or personal sessions to your clients, the importance of images should not be underestimated as they can convince your (potential) clients to trust you, sign up and come back. The good news is that Bobclass now lets you add images and descriptions to your activities, so you can entice your audience. You can also add images to your company profile. The images and descriptions will appear "on the other end" in the Self Service App for your clients. Here is how it all works.

Activity Images

Activities are defined in the settings. It does not matter whether you offer group classes or 1:1 appointments, they all use an activity. Go to the settings > Activities and select one. In the edit window, notice the new field "Photos". Here is where you want to add your content.

Activity and Event Description

Now here is where I want you to pay attention. There are two descriptions: One for the activity in general and one for a specific event (class/appointment) that uses this activity. Both the activity and event description appear in the Self Service App, one below the other:


The activity description is defined in in the settings, per activity and is the same for every event where you use this activity. It is generic and informs your client what this class/appointment is about.

The event description is almost like a comment and is specific to that one event for a certain date and time. So let's say you are running a weekly running class and this week you want to do something special (e.g. a night run), then you would put that in the event description ("bring headlamp"). You can add an event description by editing an existing event and tapping on the last yellow field.


Company Logo, Description and Photos

A company logo, attractive photos and a clear description of what you offer, should all be part of your marketing mix. In Bobclass you can add these so that they will appear in the Self Service App for your clients. Navigate to the settings > Online Booking and click the top blue button where it says "Edit Company Profile Details". On the next screen, enter the description, logo and studio images.


In case you have not done so, you should point your clients to the Apple and Google app stores to download the Self Service App. More information here.

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