How do I adjust the amount of credits on a class pass?

In an ideal world, a client purchases a class pass with e.g. 10 units and then uses those to attend classes, while the system counts down the number of units down to zero. But sometimes you need to adjust the amount manually, for example when you just started with Bobclass and want to move clients' packages over from an old system. Another case is when you accidentally deleted a checked out class, which does not add the units back on to the clients' passes!

You can adjust units and consumption by using the Units and Unit Correction fields when editing a sale for a client:

  • Go to a client's profile and select the Sales tab
  • Click the sale you want to adjust
  • If you want to modify the total amount, clicks the Units field. What you see here is what the system counted, so 2/10 means 2 units were consumed out of a total of 10.
  • If you want to modify the consumption of units, click the Unit Correction field. The amount you enter here will be added to the amount that the system counted so far. For example, if you enter 1 here, then the new amount of consumed units will become 3, using the example of the previous step.
  • Save the dialog

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