Sending an email to multiple clients at once

Bobclass lets yoy filter a client list and then select the clients to whom you want to send an email. You can also attach an image or video from your device or pull a document from a cloud drive to attach to the email.

  • In the top navigation, tap the human icon to invoke the client list
  • Optionally, filter the list by tapping the Display (all) link at the top of the list. You can for example select only those customers who do not have any upcoming sessions, to remind them of what you have to offer in the next weeks.
  • Tap the Select button to enable the checkboxes for selection
  • Tick the checkboxes next to the contact names or use the double-check icon button at the top to select all displayed contacts
  • Tap the mail envelope icon
  • Pick the option Send Message (for sending reports, learn more here)
  • An interstitial message may come up if one or more of the selected clients do not have an email address.
  • In the text dialogue, write the body text of the email that you want to send
  • Click the image button if you want to add an image, video or document: This will let you select from your device's storage or external cloud drives.
  • Once you're happy with the content, tap the Next button to get an email preview. This will use your device's email application. If this is not set up correctly, you should troubleshoot here. If you are not happy with the default email address from which the email is going to be sent, you can learn how to change that here.
  • The email preview comes up showing the recipients in bcc: (to protect their privacy) and the content and optional media below that. You can still edit the email here before sending it out.
  • Tap the Send button to send the email. Since it is using the default email application of your device, you should be able to find it there in the Sent folder.

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