Can I change the email address that I used for my Bobclass Cloud account?

No. The email address that you initially used to create your Bobclass Cloud account is used as a user ID and cannot be changed. It is not used for communication with your clients. However, if you still want to use a different email address, you can simply create a new Bobclass Cloud account:

  • Go to the app's settings > Bobclass Cloud
  • Log out
  • On that same page, create a new Bobclass Cloud account
  • You will receive an email that you need to confirm.
  • Log in to the new account - this should be done from the device that contains the latest calendar/client data.
  • The app will now upload the entire database to cloud. This can take time and do not interrupt it! Leave the app in the foreground and make some tea.
  • Once the data is uploaded, go to your other devices where you log out from the old account and log in to the new account.
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