Client Reporting

Client/external reporting is intended for clients to inform them about their attendance, purchased products, upcoming sessions etc. The client reports can be sent by email to (groups of) clients. Client reports are defined in the settings can can then be sent from there, from the client list, or from an individual's client profile.

Defining a client report:

  • Go to the app's settings > Client Reports
  • Edit an existing or create a new report by clicking the + button
  • Give the report a name, this is just for you
  • Select period of time
  • Select the list of clients you want to prepare this report for. This can be all or filtered by e.g. those who do not have products or are up for renewal.
  • Enter subject and report title, this is how they appear in the email that your clients will receive.
  • Select what you want to include in the report. You can also enter a message and use simple html tags.
  • When you're done, you should save the report an click Preview to see how it looks like. Select a user to show the preview for.
  • When all is good you can send it out from here or just save it so it can be sent from other places in the app.

Sending a report from the client list:

  • Go to the client list
  • Select one or more clients
  • Click the mail envelope icon
  • Select the report that you want to send
  • Confirm that you want to send the report

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