Where is my data stored?

You can choose where your data is stored:

  • On your local device only
  • Or on both your local device and in Bobclass Cloud

If you run Bobclass on one device only and do not need a cloud backup, then storage on your local device only is a valid option. We recommend in that case to at least enable device backups as offered by iOS.

If you want to share data with others or use multiple devices, then Bobclass Cloud is needed so that your data can be synchronized. Bobclass Cloud keeps an exact copy of your database in the cloud and synchronizes changes (made on- or offline) from connected devices. Bobclass Cloud uses Google App Engine for the core database and Amazon S3 for attachments, both of which use end-to-end encryption technology.

Note that you can always access your data, regardless of whether you use a cloud account or not. This is because the data is stored on the device's memory, meaning you can access it even offline, without internet connection. The sync engine in the cloud makes sure of synchronization between the device(s) and the cloud.

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