How does the Self Service App for my clients work?


The Self Service App is a free app for your clients that lets them connect to your business so they can manage bookings, cancellations and payments themselves. It also lets them view progress notes that you write for them.

How to do I get my clients to download it?

You will need to point them to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store where they can download the app for free. The Self Service App is available for both Android and iOS. Here are the direct links, which you should share with your clients by email, message, social media etc.



You can use the following text:

Connect with us with your own Self Service App so you can manage bookings and payments yourself! Download it for your iPhone, iPad or Android on the App Store or Google Play Store, then register first. Once you are signed up, the app will retrieve your upcoming bookings and active packages that you have with us. Make sure to use the same mobile phone number as we have, so the system can do the matching.

Also in the main app you can select your clients and then send a bulk mail/message to them, pasting the links in the body:

What do I need to do?

Make sure that you have a valid mobile phone number for each client in your contact list in the (instructor) Bobclass app. Click on the human icon, select the client and check their phone number. This is important because the Self Service App uses their mobile phone number to match them with your studio. If they cannot connect to your studio, this is most likely because their mobile phone number does not match with the one you have stored.

Can I test it myself first?

Yes. There are two different ways to test it:

  1. Create a client in the main (instructor) Bobclass app with your name and your mobile phone number. So simply pretend to be your own client. You can then SIGN UP using that same phone number in the client Self Service App and log in once that is done.
  2. Or use the test login which uses phone number +44 (UK) 1234567890 and pin code 123456. No need to sign up in this case, just log in directly.

What does my client need to do?

They need to download the Self Service App and then first sign up. This will register them and will do the matching of their mobile phone number with your business. If your client says they cannot get in or get a "no match" message, then you should check whether they actually have signed in first (as opposed to logging in). The other reason could be that the phone number they use is different from the one you have in your Bobclass app.

Is booking fully automatic?

Yes, it can be but there are a few conditions:

  1. You will need to enable auto-booking in the instructor app. Go to Settings > Online Booking > Details & Settings and enable the Automatic Booking switch.
  2. The client needs to be a known client. When they book via the app, this always the case but when they book via the web, this may not be the case.
  3. The client needs to have an active package. If they do not, then you will need to manually approve the booking request in Bobclass.

What can my clients see and do?

Once registered and connected to your studio, your clients can do the following:

  • View and book into your scheduled classes (for group classes)
  • View and book available slots (for 1:1)
  • Purchase packages using a credit card
  • View active packages and the remaining credits or time
  • View classes or appointments they have signed up for
  • Cancel classes or appointments they have signed up for
  • View progress notes that you have shared with them (which you do in their profiles > Progress and then enable the Visible switch for each note that you want them to see:


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