Sending an invoice link to a client

The Stripe payment integration allows you to send an invoice link to a client which they then click to view and pay. It will show the product they have purchased and the amount with a Pay button. Clicking that button lets them securely pay through Apple Pay (on iOS devices when enabled), Google Pay (in Google Chrome and Android devices when enabled) or by credit card (all devices). Once payment is processed - this is a matter of seconds - you will receive an instant iOS notification and will find the payment in the Payment tab of the client's profile in the app.

Note that you need to be connected to Stripe to be able to sell online and send invoices.

There are three different flows in which you can use the invoice links:

When doing a client check-out

For both drop-in or pre-booked clients, you'll check them out to make sure they have an active package to use for class. If they do not have one, then you can sell them one on the spot.

  • In the dialog that comes up, you select Sell package now and in the next dialog you'll pick the package you want to sell.
  • In the Payment Type dialog, you'll need to pick one of the last three options to send the invoice link to your client. In this case we pick the last option which offers a number of sharing options provided by iOS, such as AirDrop. If the client who is standing in front of you uses an Android phone, you'd want to pick SMS or email.
  • Your client now receives the link which opens a web page with the invoice detais. The client will press NEXT to proceed.
  • In the following screen the client will execute the payment. Depending on the operating system (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac) of their device either Google Pay, Apple Pay or credit card will be offered.
  • The client confirms the payment which is then instantly processed by Stripe. You will receive a notification and your client will receive the receipt.