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Client booking requests now arrive straight into the app

Receive client booking requests straight into the app! With a brand new inbox and notifcations you can see instantly when a client wants to book. All you have to do is click the *Accept* button. No more email processing and manual booking, which will save you a lot of time. You will also be able to serve your clients faster and more accurately - no more double bookings and miscommunication. Read here the detailed instructions about the inbox.

2018-10-22 11:33

Send personalized client reports

Save time and impress your clients by sending them personalized reports about their attendance, upcoming sessions, purchases and how many units they still have left on their class passes. Client Reports come with Bobclass Studio in the latest App Store version.

2018-10-18 13:05

Instructors now part of Calendar Display Settings

V1.6.6 is out on the App Store. We added Instructors to the Calendar Display Settings as a few clients asked/begged us to do so. Also a rare crash when sending a cancellation message is now squatted.

2018-06-29 13:21

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