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step 1

Creating client reports

Create different client reports for different purposes, for example for clients that have upcoming sessions, or for those who don't. Create as many client reports as you want.

step 2

Define the report settings

Define the time range, name and client list for the report.

step 3

Pick the report contents

Pick what you want to put the report and add an introduction message for your clients.

step 4

Select your audience

Select to which set of clients you want to send the specific report. Typical examples are client who do not have sessions booked, so you may want to remind them to do so. Or clients who are up for renewal.

step 5

Customize the recipient list

You can still add or remove clients from the list if you want or even create a custom list from scratch.

step 6

View the preview and send it out

Before sending out the report to your client list, you can view a preview, selecting one of the recipients. When all is good, you can send it off. Our dedicated mail service will take care of delivery.

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