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step 1

1 - Pick what to share

Sharing is optional. There are two web calendars you can share: a class roster and an availability calendar. Typically business that offer group classes (e.g. yoga, dance) use the first, and appointment based businesses (e.g. personal training, music) the latter.

step 2

2 - Share URL (class roster)

You share the URL (web link) with our clients so they can view the roster on a web page in a browser on any device. The roster shows the scheduled classes with a big *Book* button. When the class is full the button turns into *Add to Waiting List*.

step 3

3 - Share URL (availability)

For appointment-based business, you want to share your availability with your clients. They can do this with a web link that can be viewed in any browser on any device. It does not show your current bookings, just the empty spots they can pick.

step 4

4 - Clients find a spot or slot

Clients simply click a spot or slot they want to reserve and an email is sent to you with their details. They do not have to log on.

step 5

5 - Confirm booking

You instantly receive the request for booking which you confirm in the app. The client now receives an automatic confirmation email with all details.

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