Image Gallery

Screenshots and action photos of the app.

App Preview

30 second app preview of Bobclass.

Bobclass promo video

The original promo video we used when Bobclass was released. A bit outdated now but the cool soundtrack by Ian Metty alone is a reason to watch it!

Creating and managing appointments

Booking a session

This video shows how to book a session for a group of two participants, an activity and a location. It also shows how to set a default activity and location for a client.

Rescheduling & cancelling

Short instruction video demonstrating how to reschedule or cancel an appointment.

Repeating / copying a session

Sessions can be copied to multiple target slots at once. This video shows how.

Adding a client to existing classes

Here is how to add a client to a set of already scheduled classes using the Appointment Manager.

Changing the location of a set of classes

Here is how to add a client to a set of already scheduled classes using the Appointment Manager.

Finding availability using the Appointment Manager

We are going to find the perfect slot for a client with specific requests.

Taking a client out of existing classes

Aliza can't attend her yoga classes anymore so we need to remove her from a set of booked classes. Here is how to do that.

Reminding a client of their upcoming classes

Sometimes you want to send a reminder to a client of all the classes that they are booked for to avoid no-shows or misunderstandings.

Progress Monitoring

Writing a Progress Note

This is how to create a progress note that lets you track your client's progress.


Registering a Received Payment

Registering a simple received payment in Bobclass. Payments are created against products. Product, prices and payment methods are defined in settings.



This video shows the settings panel in Bobclass. You can define activities, locations, calendar display settings, mail templates, working days and much more.

Displaying external calendars

Step-by-step instruction on how to display an external calendar in the Bobclass calendar so you can keep an eye on your private appointments while booking clients.

Cross-device synchronization and backups with Bobclass Cloud

Setting up Bobclass Cloud

This video explains what Bobclass Cloud does, how to create an account and how to upload the initial database to the cloud.

Different in-app purchases explained

Different in-app purchases explained

Cofounder Rob explains what Bobclass Solo, Pro and Studio is and gives recommendations on who should be purchasing which in-app purchase.

Using packages, check-out and drop-in (Bobclass Pro and Studio only)

Pro features in-depth tour

In-depth demonstration of all Bobclass Pro functionality: attendance tracking, use of punchpasses, flatfees, drop-in and check-out.

iCal, Web Links, external calendars and self-booking by clients (coming November 2017)

Sharing your roster with clients via a web link and using iCal

In-depth demonstration of how to use and set up iCal and web links. With iCal you can display your calendar in Mac, Google, Outlook and Windows calendars. With the web link you can let your clients view your roster via a web page and so they can request a booking.

Multi-instructor functionality (Bobclass Studio only)

Defining your team

Adding team members in Bobclass Studio via the settings in a few simple steps.

Scheduling an instructor

This video shows how to book a session with an instructor. We are also going to add a second session with a different instructor in parallel and show how to filter the calendar by one or all instructors.

Sharing a roster with a team member

Bobclass Studio lets you print or email rosters with team members so they know exactly what is expected from them. This video shows how.

Viewing past sessions per instructor

We are going to use the Appointment Manager to distill a list of sessions that one of our instructors taught in a certain location.

Transferring sessions between instructors

Using the Appointment Manager's bookings tab, we will show how to transfer a set of sessions from one instructor to another. At the end you'll see how an email is automatically created informing both the instructors and the clients of the change.

Finding availability for a demanding client

A client contacts us that she wants to participate in a group yoga class, but she cannot do Fridays and the instructor needs to be Yui! See how Bobclass Studio deals with this request.