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This app is brilliant in its power and simplicity. I use it on an iPad Mini and take it wherever I go to schedule sessions with my clients and keep track of their progress. - Alexandra Merisoiu, personal trainer, Virgin Active


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A powerful built-in calendar that is fully customizable to your needs. Specify working days, hours and granularity. Choose what to display: times, participants, location, activity and description. From the calendar, you can directly send materials (e.g. images) to all participants of a session at once.
Find availability. For instructors with dense and complicated schedules, Bobclass helps finding available slots by combining activity, location, group size and availability. It even suggests the best slots for you that sit adjacent to an existing session to avoid unproductive gaps. See it in action.
Schedule sessions with a few taps in the personalized calendar. Specify location & activity if needed. Email confirmations are sent out automatically, also when rescheduling or canceling. Send out reminders to clients and reduce no-shows. See it in action.
Manage customers with the simple built-in customer relationship management (CRM) functionality. Every client has a profile with address details, photo, remarks and default activity and you can note down all client related events whether this is about their learning progress or your marketing efforts.
Progress notes
Write progress updates supported by photos and videos about your clients and see how they develop over time. With Bobclass all client data sits in one place and you can choose to share it with your client at any time. See it in action.
Track received payments by client. Predefine products (e.g. "1 hour session"), prices and payment methods to gain insight in your sales. In the same client profile there is an overview of all past sessions consumed and future sessions planned so you know which clients to gently remind of booking the next session. See it in action.
Today's sessions are displayed on the app's outlook page, your starting point that serves as a summary of your calendar. It includes a countdown for the next session, details about current and upcoming sessions including location, activity, duration and information about the participants such as their last session, payments and notes. With this, you will be well prepared to deliver the best experience for your clients.
Bobclass Studio
Manage your team with Bobclass Studio and schedule multiple instructors in parallel. View calendars per instructor or all at once. Print or email rosters to staff members. Transfer classes from one instructor to another with a few taps. Bobclass Studio is a professional solution for small studios that are looking for powerful scheduling without the complexity and costs of web-based solutions. Bobclass Studio demo videos.


Bobclass Solo costs $14,99, which is a one-time purchase for a fully functional app. There are no monthly subscription fees and you do not need to log on to a server to access your data. No tricks - just buy the app once and use it forever after. Bobclass Solo is intended for independent instructors without staff. Download on the App Store.

Bobclass Studio is an optional one-time $49,99 in-app purchase. It adds powerful functionality for studio owners who manage a team, such as parallel scheduling, roster sharing, bulk class transferring between instructors and multiple calendar views.

If you have any questions before buying, just write us an email.


Rogier Jungerius, a personal lifestyle coach at BCN Health Coach, uses Bobclass on an iPad Mini that he carries with him on client visits and training sites. "Everything I need to know about my clients such as schedules, payments and progress sits right here in this little tablet. When I am training clients or talking with them over the phone, I know exactly when they are scheduled next, what we did last time...and when they need to pay."
Maximizing Potential? "Yeah, gotto love that tagline but seriously, Bobclass does exactly that. It takes care of my administration, helps me with marketing, reminds me of things to do, tells me where to go but most importantly; helps me get closer to my clients to maximize THEIR potential. At the end of the day, that is what matters most."


Any questions? Read the FAQs, view the demo videos or download the User Guide (PDF). If that did not answer your questions, write an email to support. Customer support is offered in English, Spanish, German and Dutch.


Bobclass runs on all iPads with iOS8 or higher and can be downloaded from the App Store.


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About Bobclass


After showing up for the third time for tennis class without coach in sight, Bobclass cofounder Rob designed an app for his coach to optimize his agenda but also track payments and progress. While talking to other instructors, from private tutors to personal trainers, it became clear that they had similar needs. Friend Nigel joined forces and nine months later Bobclass was born, an all-in-one productivity app for instructors. Bobclass runs on iPad, synchronizes with Google and iOS Contacts and is fully operational off-line for professionals on the go.

For generic, press or commercial enquiries write us an email. Bobclass users should write an email to support.